Hudson Pants

hudson pant 1 (1 of 1)Sewing with someone else might be one of the best ways to spend a day off. I not only got to finish a much longed for pair of sweat pants, but also I got to teach someone how to use a sewing machine. Have you ever done that? Showed someone close to you your secret world of fabric cutting and sewing seams? It’s f*!#ing exhilarating.

hudson pant 2 (1 of 1)I bought the men’s Hudson pattern from True Bias for my boyfriend thinking I would be the one sewing them up. He recently had an accident that put him out of commission for a while so he decided to learn a few new hobbies. This guy, injury and all, traced the pattern, cut the fabric, and sewed these pants up. Guys, we are looking at my boyfriends first sewing project.

To make it easy on both of us, I sewed my Hudson pants at the same time. We alternated sewing one leg on mine and then one leg on his pattern. Teaching sewing this way made it easier to explain each step. It’s funny, I always consider my self almost a beginner sewer, but demonstrating things like thread tension and grainlines made me realize really how far along I’ve come with sewing. Watching someone else learn also inspired me to start sewing again. I kind of put it by the way side, but watching his excitement when his pants came together moved me.

He made a straight medium with zero changes. He’s about 6’3″ and 170lbs. He said for his next version he might go up a size. The medium is snug around his butt. We’ll call this version a wearable muslin, although he won’t wear them in public. The fabric is French terry from It’s a lot thinner than I expected, you can see his underwear through them, but for learning to sew and work with knits, its perfect. The only problem he encountered was pulling the elastic through the waistband, but I mean, seriously, who doesn’t hate that mess?

hudson pant waistband (1 of 1)We omitted the drawstring from both waistbands. After cutting the elastic fairly snug, adding drawstrings to the pants seemed unnecessary.

I cut the smallest size for my Hudson pants and had to lop off two inches from the leg length and one inch from the cuff. I’m 105 lbs and 5 ft tall. They’re a little saggy in the butt, however, I think that’s because I’m lacking in that department. The fabric I used is a poly cotton knit that I purchased from Mood two years ago. It’s light weight and has a decent amount of stretch.

hudson pant leg cuff (1 of 1)This project was pretty easy to put together considering the final product. So many of my friends reacted in disbelief when I said that we made them. All the tiny details like the contrasting fabric on the pocket, the double stitching on the waistline, and the cuffed legs, make these sweat pants look professionally made.

Hudson Pantshudson pant with dog (1 of 1)We both really like this pattern and will definitely make another pair. Maybe together? Or maybe he won’t even need my help for the next pair. I guess we’ll see.

Thanks for reading!