Noelle Halter Swimsuit


Noelle Swimsuit-16-1I made a swimsuit!! After wearing this swimsuit countless times, I can confirm that I love this pattern. Thank you Madalynne for the Noelle bra pattern! I looked everywhere for a halter swim pattern. The style was on trend this summer and I loved it. The halter is the best way to show off your shoulders and not your boobs (an asset I always find overexposed with swimwear).

Noelle Swimsuit-15-1I made the smallest size and still shaved off an inch and a half from each side seam of the top. I could probably shave off a little more, as you’ll notice it’s still a little baggy in the back. I also didn’t add the bottom band to the bra top. I felt like it was too much swimsuit with a high waisted bikini. If I make a pair of low cut bottoms I will definitely add the band.

The bottoms are cheeky perfection. I lurv em. I might shave them down on the sides about a half an inch. I forgot you want more negative ease for the pool…the water tends to pull if you know what I’m saying.

Noelle Swimsuit-38-4 Noelle Swimsuit-42-5The pattern was easy to follow. You’ll notice only one strap on the bra…..lazy move that makes the top twist in the back, but I can’t see or feel it, so I DON’T CARE.

Noelle Swimsuit-56-8The swimsuit is fully lined, which gives it some heft and adds a nice compressed feeling. I might actually try this in actual bra form, but with Madalynne’s new bra patterns coming out I don’t know. That’s always the dilemma, right? Too many patterns with too little time? Anyway, I have other stuff to show you guys at some point. I’m just glad I finally got pictures up. Get this pattern! It’s free and prints in like basically no pages.

Noelle Swimsuit-48-6 Noelle Swimsuit-49-7 Noelle Swimsuit-62-9

Thanks for reading!