Sometimes when I’m struggle trying to pick out something to wear I ask myself one question “if you could wear anything in the whole universe right now, what would that look like?” And then I’ll pick the closest thing to that or put it on my sewing list.

This little routine exposes the big gaping holes in my wardrobe. Sometimes my closet feels like the swiss cheese of wardrobes when I’m getting dressed. It’s littered with pockets of items that I should probably have for my lifestyle, but have been too lazy to sew or the item has been nearly impossible to find in rtw.

This week I’m focusing on upscale casual. You know the restaurant/bar look. The one you wear your heeled boots to instead of those awesomely comfortable sneakers with your even more awesome vintage broken in hoodie. I’m looking at you 1980’s white UC Davis pullover with small unnecessary zipper. The outfits that might be kinda boringbalone, but then you throw on a scarf or statement jewelry and BOOM, now it’s an elevated look.

My goals this spring include some jeans, a jumper, a wrap dress, and a couple of basic tops into my sewing queue. BUT WHICH PATTERNS?!?! This might be my favorite part about the whole sewing process. The Hunt. That whole part where you get to draw out your ideas and look for the perfect fabric. You know, before the fitting woes take their toll on your dreams and gulp up an entire day then your left with a pile of fabric and shaky hands from all the coffee you thought would help you through the mess. Ahhhhhhh sewing.

I have some patterns floating around in my head:

  1. Ginger jeans 
  2. Roxanne top – but maybe not so hi low
  3. Hadley top
  4. Highlands Wrap dress

If you have any suggestions for some effortlessly chic patterns I WOUD LOVE to hear them!

Happy spring sewing guys! Thanks for reading!

Named Talvikki Sweater

Named Talvikki SweaterI have been dreaming about sewing the Talvikki Sweater from Named since last year. I even attempted cutting it out once, but when realized I didn’t have enough fabric I trashed the whole project. LIKE A DUMMY. I’m thinking we still have a few more weeks of cooler weather judging by the wintery mix I woke up to yesterday so there’s still time to enjoy cozy sweaters.

I straight up copied Heather’s from ClosetCasePattern’s version. NO SHAME. I loved how squishy and effortlessly cool it looked with the slide slit, but yet comfortable. The problem was I couldn’t find sweater fleece with any stretch. Luckily, I wasn’t the only person in sewing blogland who wanted to stitch up this pattern in a bulkier sweater without stretch. Named Talvikki Sweater Named Talvikki Sweater


I sewed the smallest sized based on the finished measurements. I’m 5 ft nothing and weight about 100lbs. So tiny. The Talvikki Sweater definitely made me feel small. I’m not saying that I’m swimming in it, but the style is meant to be less fitted and more forgiving.


Sweater fleece from Joann’s with little to no stretch. The only stretch it had was through the crossgrain so I cut out the fabric with the heathered flecks going down my body instead of across. I was too worried I wouldn’t get my head through the hole.


I shortened the length of the sleeves by two inches and then cut the sleeve lengthwise down the middle and narrowed it by two inches to remove bulk from the sleeve.

Since the patterned calls for fabric with at least 30% stretch and mine had basically none, I had to modify the funnel neck by adding a half inch to the front and back pattern pieces at the neckline. Then I added one inch to the facing by placing the facing pattern piece one inch away from the fold line.

Stretch interfacing wasn’t necessary because my fabric is sturdy enough that it didn’t need it.

I did not hem the sleeves. It looks really stupid on me without the cuffed sleeve. So yay for shaving off five minutes of my sewing time!

Named Talvikki Sweater Named Talvikki Sweater

In Conclusion

This pattern is a quick sew. Seriously took only a few hours. The instructions are easy to follow. This is my first Named pattern and I am in love with their aesthetic. I wasn’t sure how to wear this sweater. The funnel neck is really wide and not something I’d normally wear, but I’m trying to branch out of what has been lovingly called “lesbian chic” style. You know, jeans, flannel, and a casual v neck with Vans slipons. This sweater makes me feel fancy, but also gives me a reason to wear bigger earrings. The earrings are the only way I’ve figured out how to balance that giant funnel neck that makes my head look like a tiny pea.

Will I make it again? Maaaaaaaybe. If I can find stretchier sweater fleece fabic that still has the structure, then Yes! I think a black one would look super cute and chic.

I’ve got one more turtleneck coming at ya shortly! Thank you for reading! Happy spring, guys!