Light Grey Linden

Light Grey Linden Sweatshirt--Grainline Studio |

Hey guys. Here’s my second Linden Sweatshirt. It’s got a lot more drape than my pink version. I actually ironed this one before taking pictures of it. You’re welcome.

I’ve worn it out a couple of times. I think it looks better with a long dangly necklace like this here vintage Armani piece to break up all of the white/grey fabric. Here’s the sweatshirt without the distracting jewelry.

Light Grey Linden Sweatshirt -- Grainline Studio|

The fabric is from They’re out of the grey, but have a couple other colors like this cream one. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best quality of fabric, I’ve already seen a couple of holes forming around the bottom band after one wash. So we’ll call this version a very wearable muslin until it falls apart.

Since this fabric has some substantial drape compared to my last one, which was definitely more of a traditional sweatshirt, it pools and hangs much more freely. The one thing that bothers me are the sleeves. If I make it again in a less stable fabric I’ll definitely take more than the inch and a half I already removed.

Light Grey Linden Sweatshirt -- Grainline Studio|

I didn’t add any topstitching on to this version. Since it looks “dressier” than the last one, I thought I’d keep the lines cleaner. Less is more.

Light Grey Linden Sweatshirt -- Grainline Studio|

I’m trying to decide on my next project. I want to make a dress, but it’s going to be zero degrees out here for the next few weeks. It’s not too soon to start sewing up spring and summer dresses, is it? I might make a black Linden. Emma, from Emmadime, showed this sweater from TaylorStitch a few weeks back. Perfect, right? I can definitely find that fabric. And really, what’s one more Linden Sweatshirt when I want to wear them daily anyway? It’s like I’m a cartoon. Same thing, different color.

I hope everyone is staying warm. Thanks for reading!