My name is Brenna and Wefthem is where you can see all of my creative projects. I have a ton of hobbies and sewing happens to be one of my favorites. I’ve been sewing since 2011 on my vintage Kenmore 1430 and White Superlock serger.

I have a a 12 year old pup named Ellie Mae and a African grey named Melba. None of these animals have anything to do with my crafts….or do they? One time I tried making my dog a rain coat and failed miserably. Or maybe my dog is just super picky about the fit of her garments?

Aside from sewing, I love photography (something I sometimes get paid to do), writing (another thing I sometimes get paid to do, thanks journalism major!), drawing, painting, embroidery, knitting, cooking (went to culinary school), and I think that’s it.

Thanks for reading!!