Colette Aster

I started this project months ago. I loved the v-neck and the curved hem. The drape seemed like it would be perfect in both rayon (my favorite fabric) and a chambray like fabric. When I finally got to putting things together last week I was super pumped and ready to wear this wine colored polka dot chambray (found at button up.

Right now, this is where I stand with the Aster. Seriously, five minutes into sewing and machine starts misbehaving. The tension wouldn’t hold and I’m left scrambling to find the answers from the sewing gods on Google. Colette Aster

I LOVE the back of this top. I made a muslin and ZERO problems putting this part together. Colette does a great job with the instructions. HOWEVER.

WHO THE F!?&%$ uses 1/4 in bias tape?!?!? FO REAL. Be honest. This is where things get wonky. MAYBE. I mean, just MAYBE. I am totally unlearned to this whole, teeny tiny bias binding neckline. It’s totally possible. I spent a grip load of time rifling through texts trying to find how the BLANK wide, this bias tape should be. Don’t worry internet, I figured it out…..But holy BA JESUS. That was confusing.

Colette Aster

It was at this very seam that my machine went kaputz. The thread began to tangle relentlessly, the tension refused to maintain its equilibrium, and I knew at that that moment she needed to go in for a tune up.

Don’t worry, though, I get my machine back tomorrow and we’ll be back on track by this week. I want this shirt. GUhHHHH. Just look at that Color!.

Also, I couldn’t resist the urge to freaking glitter this bulb….I have glitter in my house, ok!?! What is a human supposed to do with an adorable light bulb when it burn out?!? Just throw it away?!

Glitter Light Bulb Ornament

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!! I hope everyone has an AMAZING HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!