Sometimes when I’m struggle trying to pick out something to wear I ask myself one question “if you could wear anything in the whole universe right now, what would that look like?” And then I’ll pick the closest thing to that or put it on my sewing list.

This little routine exposes the big gaping holes in my wardrobe. Sometimes my closet feels like the swiss cheese of wardrobes when I’m getting dressed. It’s littered with pockets of items that I should probably have for my lifestyle, but have been too lazy to sew or the item has been nearly impossible to find in rtw.

This week I’m focusing on upscale casual. You know the restaurant/bar look. The one you wear your heeled boots to instead of those awesomely comfortable sneakers with your even more awesome vintage broken in hoodie. I’m looking at you 1980’s white UC Davis pullover with small unnecessary zipper. The outfits that might be kinda boringbalone, but then you throw on a scarf or statement jewelry and BOOM, now it’s an elevated look.

My goals this spring include some jeans, a jumper, a wrap dress, and a couple of basic tops into my sewing queue. BUT WHICH PATTERNS?!?! This might be my favorite part about the whole sewing process. The Hunt. That whole part where you get to draw out your ideas and look for the perfect fabric. You know, before the fitting woes take their toll on your dreams and gulp up an entire day then your left with a pile of fabric and shaky hands from all the coffee you thought would help you through the mess. Ahhhhhhh sewing.

I have some patterns floating around in my head:

  1. Ginger jeans 
  2. Roxanne top – but maybe not so hi low
  3. Hadley top
  4. Highlands Wrap dress

If you have any suggestions for some effortlessly chic patterns I WOUD LOVE to hear them!

Happy spring sewing guys! Thanks for reading!

Monday Mood


You guys, it’s been a while. So much has happened since last January, but lets not get caught up in the details, unless you wanna talk about turtlenecks. That’s right, I can’t stop looking at them. If there is one thing that’s been on my mind recently, it’s turtlenecks. My number one guess? I suspect it’s the sub arctic wind chills we’ve been having in the Midwest. I can’t even look at my beloved rayon challis without piling on another layer of socks.

Let’s talk patterns. True Bias just released this little diddy and I am truly excited about it. Not only does it look super easy sew, BUT I’ve been wanting to remake that sleeveless turtleneck dress from CupcakesandCashmere for a really long time. It’s so chic and put together. You could easily throw on a slouchy cardigan or get some structure with a blazer. Ugh. I love it.

I’ll just breeze through the next two because it’s 15 degrees outside and I want both of those patterns made in sweatshirt fleece, on me, right now. They’re like casual athletic, but super stylish. My favorite version, hands down, is from Closetcasepattern’s genius Heather Lou. THIS SWEATER is the business when it comes to combining fleece and elegance. They pose as sweatpants, but you’re holding a champagne flute. (But not like the people who show up to brunch on Sundays legit wearing sweatpants acting like they’re too busy to put on real pants. Let’s be real).

That’s all. I miss writing on here and I miss sewing. Until next time guys!