Clipboard Wall Art

Clipboard Wall Art

January, the time when people scramble to get their lives together and organize everything. I have a solution for you: GET CLIPBOARDS. Not only do they look good, but they also serve a function.

The problem started when the bare walls in my living room began driving me nuts. I was on the lookout for some type of mood board or inspiration wall that didn’t involve cork board. Sometimes I think cork board can go from functional cute to really effen cheap Bed Bath and Beyond wall decor at light speed. My wall needed something that illuminates my sources of inspiration, but also doesn’t look like elementary school Brenna pasted stuff on the wall. Enter the oh-so-multitasking clipboard.

This wall art not only brightens up my room, BUT it also holds my WIP’s, future patterns, along with scraps of fabric and other pieces of life that I want to see everyday to keep me moving. I’m pretty pumped that I found these in the dollar bins at Target. Gold is my new color/choice of metal right now. Shiny gold everything. Try and stop me.

Clipboard Wall Art

The clean lines, the grid pattern, and the shiny metal clips on my wall command organization. I want to clip everything under those tabs. To harness them in place, I used one Command strip per clipboard so I don’t have to worry about holes in the wall and I can move these guys around in case I want to add more (I want to add more).

I was just thinking how I could up my organization and motivation and then Beth from Sew DIY busted out this free download for your sewing journal. I could totally print out a page a month and post it on my wall….I’M. SO. PUMPED.

Sears Kenmore 1430

In the best news, my macheen is back!! Her timing belt was busted AND her tension was off!  UGH Just look at her now. All beaming and ready to sew. Unfortunately, it’s the busy season at my job so I’m down right exhausted after work and my numero uno rule in sewing is NEVER SEW WHEN TIRED. I’ve made too many mistakes to just jump right into a project when I should be jumping in bed.

Fashion Sketch Inari tee dressFashion Sketch Linden Sweater

I’ve been sketching up some patterns I want to work on. These aren’t winter appropriate outfits, but these silhouettes are just speaking to me right now. I have the jewelry for them so I MUST sew them up and wear them. I drew up this short sleeve Linden Sweatshirt last year,  but couldn’t find the right fabric. This year I WILL find the right fabric. The Inari Tee Dress will be sewn up in some black fabric and paired with this gold plate necklace that I got for Christmas. It just goes to show I need to start making my lists of things to make this year.

HAPPY 2017 everyone! I can’t wait to see everyone’s makes this year! Here’s to finally getting our list’s up and running!