Closet Case Patterns: Ebony

Brenna checking her plants wearing Ebony top

Guys! We made it to 2020! I haven’t been here since 2018. I didn’t forget about you guys. It’s been a time for me. Maybe someday we’ll talk about it. For now, let’s get into why you’re here.

 So I made this Ebony top from Closet Case Patterns last June thinking I would immediately post it on the blog because I was so proud of my make. Well, here we are seven months later and I’m finally talking about how much I love this top.

Brenna wearing Ebony top

Here’s what I love about the Ebony pattern. It’s simple simple. It is exactly what it looks like and I love it. If you wear high waisted jeans and love the 70s style swingy cropped top look, you’re gonna love this top. The Ebony pattern reminds me of something Alison Roman would wear and if that doesn’t just make you wanna buy this pattern right now, I don’t know what will. Also, the samples on the models are adorable. Hello cute grey Ebony with a scoop neckline that I will be making hopefully someday.

I just love this swing.

Brenna twirling in Ebony top

The inspiration for my Ebony top came straight from something I pinned back in 2013. Doesn’t it feel good to actually use those pins every now and again? Like, I don’t feel like I’m shamelessly wasting my life on another internet platform. It reminds me of when I bust out the pasta maker for my KitchenAid. Like, no I don’t have space in my kitchen for ANYTHING ELSE, but look at these sheets of fresh noods. That’s all, your honor.


This is a light bouncy knit from Girl Charlie Fabrics that I purchased probably back in 2013. I’m almost positive it came from their cotton lycra section. Again, it’s been a while so who’s to say for sure. Honestly, I’m just glad I that I used fabric from my stash and didn’t order new fabric. I have a tendency to hold on to fabric like each piece is a sacred piece of art never to be used only carefully folded and stashed away in my plastic container from Target that I bought on sale for less than $7.


I made a straight size 4. Now, at the time I made this top, my arms were incredibly tight in it. I was working out more and probably had guns that I unfortunately did not appreciate. Now that it’s January and I haven’t worked out in a minute and stopped counting my macros to bulk up, I’m back to my tiny self and the sleeves fit fine.


The instructions are perfection. Look, this is a very straightforward sew. If you’re new to sewing THIS PATTERN IS FOR YOU. If you don’t want to spend time sewing THIS PATTERN IS FOR YOU. You don’t have to hem the bottom! I didn’t! It would have been waaaaaaay too short for me and I am so small and so modest. Let’s be real, this shirt is ready to help you bare some tummy so get ready.

Ebony top showing midriff
Ebony top baring midriff

Other notes, like most stretchy shirts, this one calls for stabilization at the shoulders. I sewed in twill tape in the shoulders and not clear plastic. For the love of god, I cannot figure out clear plastic as much as I try. The instructions give you the option of either one, so don’t think it’s not going to work if you choose twill tape.

But that’s it! I love this top. I think I want to make a sleeveless version of the dress. Not sure how that would work out or look. I can’t really think about dresses right now since we’re looking at a low of 28 degrees tonight.

Thanks for reading!