DIY Glitter Acorn Ornament

DIY Glitter Acorn OrnamentI never thought that as an adult I would like playing with glitter, but here I am, 34, and living in an apartment fully stocked with glitter. To be fair, I couldn’t help it. I was on my daily walk with my dog, and I looked down and saw all of these adorable little brown nuggets just beaming at me. How could I not scoop up these tiny bellies with hats and stuff them into my pocket?!? At that moment a Christmas ornament idea overcame me. So here I am, sitting in an apartment with dozens of acorns, glue, and glitter.

DIY Glitter Acorn OrnamentThe process is simple and every step is important, but not as important as this: DO NOT MAKE BIG MOVEMENTS. I mean it. The second you make one grand gesture like stand up too fast, move your hand quickly to sneeze, bat the dog away, it’s over, you now have glitter in your house FOREVER.

acorn-49Step one: Gather your tools

  • Acorns or whatever you want to glitter (pine cones, old light bulbs, your children’s toys), scrubbed of any dirt
  • Glitter
  • glue or just Mod Podge
  • paint brush
  • newspaper or sheet of paper (crease paper in the middle so you can pour the excess glitter back into it’s container when you’re done)
  • Acrylic clear coat spray to assure that no glitter gets out of control
  • Fishing wire
  • Hot glue gun

acorn-54Step two: Lay your newspaper or paper our on table. While your at it set up a podcast¬† or Netflix cause you’re about to be stationary for a minute.

Step three: Apply a coat of glue or Mod Podge with brush

Set four: Apply glitter. I dumped a little pile of glitter in the crease of paper and rolled the acorn around in the glitter with a fork or end of my paint brush until it was fully covered. Let dry.

Step five: Apply coat of Mod Podge. Let Dry. Apply another Coat of Mod Podge. Let Dry.

Step six: Spray that son of a bitch down with the acrylic spray and then let dry.

Step seven: Cut some fishing wire to make into a hangy loop for acorn. I cut mine too long in the first pic. I like the acorns hung a little closer to the tree, it’s all up to you. Squirt a tiny glob of glue on top of the acorn and press the two ends of the fishing wire into glue to make a loop. Hold for a few moments to make sure it sticks.

Step eight: Go wash your hands and carefully CAREFULLY wipe down your table. Wash your hands again.

Now you can sit down and enjoy your handmade ornaments without ever worrying about rogue glitters all over your face…….socks……sweater….on your dog… the sink…in your car?……at your job?! You’re welcome.

I hope you all have the happiest holiday season!!

DIY Glitter Acorn Ornament