Fenix Romper by Califaye

Fenix Romper by WefthemSummer is almost over and I realize this romper post may be too late for those of us above the equator, but I’m here talking to you guys about the Fenix Romper from CalifayeCollections. Right before I left for New Orleans in July I was struggling trying to put together outfits for our trip. I mean, who goes to New Orleans in July? The answer is a bunch of wild bartenders for Tales of the Cocktail.

I knew I needed something that wouldn’t touch my skin, something rayon, breezy, and that didn’t look like I was going to some outdoors concert festival. I think I like the idea of rompers, but any time I’ve tried them on in stores they just didn’t feel right. Too clingy at the waist, too long torso’d, basically ill fitting.

The Fenix Romper is a great introduction into the world of rompers. I love the front and back V-neck. The silhouette is so lovely. It drapes beautifully around your body. The slightest breeze makes the entire outfit for me. The bottom wooshes around you while you walk. I feel effortlessly dressed up in this outfit.

Fenix Romper by Wefthem

I was a little apprehensive about this pattern looking at everyone’s makes on the interwebs. There’s a huge difference in fit between the pattern maker’s version vs the blogger’s. Maybe it was their fabric choice? Was it too stiff? This pattern NEEDS really drapey fabric to look good. The bum and leg closures look really unflattering when made with fabric that has more body.

The instructions are pretty clear. To be honest, I did mix the instructions from the True Bias Ogden Cami for the top and strap insertion. I really don’t like the look of using store bought bias for the straps. I know it’s easier, but the end result just looks like a bra strap. I’d rather take the time and make my own straps like in the Ogden Cami than using a different fabric. I didn’t even really read her instructions for the strap because I wasn’t interested in making adjustable straps. That seemed too tedious for the outfit.

One thing I did mess up on was the center seam of the front and back. I cut both on the fold not realizing that she has a center seam allowance. My bad. I just sewed a center seam down the middle trying my darndest to match the pattern stripes. I think she has the center seam there so that the romper folds down the center as you walk.

Because I’m so tiny, I removed 3 inches from the length of the body. I’m 5ft tall and wanted the hem to glide a little past my knees and come up on the sides. It does just that. Success.

Fenix Romper by WefthemAfter washing the romper, the facings did curl up above the neckline. It’s mostly on the side seams and the wild print hides most of my mistakes, so I don’t really notice it. I might hand stitch them down later, maybe next summer when I get a chance to wear it more often.

I’m not sure how long this make took. Not long. A few hours to sew, but I’m a very slow sewer, so actual time is probably not that long. You could easily make this in one day, says the slow sewist.

The wooshing is real with this romper.

Will I make this again? Probably! I want one in all black. It’s a great little piece for summer, especially if you’re in a humid city. I felt so effortlessly pretty in humid New Orleans wearing this romper paired with a top knot and hoop earrings (and so much Glow Mist from Pixi that I looked like a light bulb).

I guess we have to start talking about fall makes now don’t we?

Thanks for reading!