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Magenta Linden Sweatshirt -- pattern from Grainline Studio| wefthem.com

Hello! I’m so excited to finally launch my new site and talk about this sweater. I was previously over here, but had to move. A big life change meant I had to change everything. I stopped sewing for the last 10 months and just sat behind the scenes reading what everyone else was making. It was depressing. Since I began sewing back in 2011, sewing blogs have been my source of inspiration, they’ve keep me motivated. Not sewing made me feel lazy and guilty especially when sitting by my sewing stuff. When this pattern came out last fall, I knew it would be the ONE to get me back in front of my machine.

It’s the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio. I love it. As easy as putting together the pattern was, I found several areas of opportunity in my new sewing space. Where muscle memory used to help speed things along, I felt like a clumsy calf knocking things over and stumbling around searching for things. Everything felt new again.

The pattern instructions are clear. Jen is thorough enough that I didn’t get lost or overwhelmed. I love the shape. I made a size 0 and chopped off about an inch and a half from the sleeve. I basted everything first then ran it through my serger. I’ve worn this sweater at least once a week. The fabric is soft and light weight from fabric.com.

Linden Sweatshirt

The pattern doesn’t say to finish the finishing bands with topstitching, but I thought it made the sweater look finished.

Linden Sweatshirt topstitching

I have one more Linden to show you. Next time. Until then, I’ll be working on putting this site together.

Thanks for reading.